eCommerce by blubolt. “Celebrity involvement – including Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha, Stephen Fry and ITV presenter Holly Willoughby, who each posted images of their freshly baked bread to their social channels – drove the trend further.”. On top of this, with everyone spending additional time at home instead of travelling abroad, the extra time will potentially lead to more time to bake together.”. Roberts Get Baking Kit | Launch date: May 2020 | Manufacturer: Roberts Bakery | Roberts Bakery has moved into direct-to-consumer with this Get Baking Kit (rsp: £8.50/1kg). (March 14, 2016). Still, not everyone has the confidence – or the time – to bake fancy goods from scratch. There’s been a 72.3% increase in value sales of baking fruits, for instance, and a 72.6% rise for colourings, decorations and such [Kantar]. NAB is one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia (17th in the world), and a common focus of articles here at The Financial Brand. This is a key performance indicator for our business and a fantastic achievement under the circumstances.”. Its unit sales almost doubled as shoppers picked up an extra 21.4 million packs, boosting value to £46.6m. “For the foreseeable future, or until schools return fully in September, we do expect the high growth in home baking to continue. “We have been working around the clock to supply additional sugar volumes”. These are normally only purchased by our professional bakery, wholesale, manufacturing and restaurant customers.”.

What started as a distraction could turn into a longer-term trend, insists Bill Donnelly, founder & MD of Cake Décor. They also own the BNZ banking brand in New Zealand, another perennial favorite of The Financial Brand. Then you will be able to mark statistics as favourites and use personal statistics alerts. It makes enough for “a large white loaf and 12 white bread rolls” says the brand, which has partnered with DPD for next-day delivery of the kit across the UK. So what’s so appealing about banana bread? Such has been shoppers’ desire for the sweet stuff that Whitworths Sugar launched a 5kg bag into grocery in May to satisfy “the unprecedented demand over the last 12 weeks” that marked “a clear change in consumption habits in the UK”. As sedentary Brits sought out treats, 86% made cakes and 56% made biscuits, a Streetbees poll for The Grocer found. It saw an extra 1.6 million units go through tills. Own label, while slower, has still grown value 66.1%  and volumes 50.4%. In spring, panic-buying Brits were paying over the odds for their pasta fix. He’s customer development director at Ferrero, maker of the hazelnut spread, which saw a value sales gain of 34.3% over the lockdown period. “Home baking is a trend that is likely to continue, even as lockdown restrictions begin to be relaxed,” he says. Please create an employee account to be able to mark statistics as favorites. The likes of baking kits and cake mixes have experienced their own success due to the sheer simplicity of their proposition. Looks like plenty more banana bread and unicorn cakes will be cropping up on Instagram, then. New, Everything you need to know about the industry development, Find studies from all around the internet. The fruit – which ought to be “the browner the better” according to Oliver Jr – is central to one of the “clever, easy and creative ways” recommended by the campaigners at Sustain to “make tasty dishes whilst reducing food waste”. “There’s a whole cohort of shoppers for whom convenience is key. “For several weeks, we only sold 16kg sacks to home bakers. Crucially, banana bread is also great for tackling food waste. cookie and privacy policy. Well, not only is it tasty, it’s simple. That creativity is evident in hashtags such as #isolationbaker and #lockdownbaking on Instagram, which show such Brit-made treats as sourdough cinnamon buns, granary rolls, and even a chocolate chip, almond & peanut butter Lego man cake. Value sales shot up 49.7% in Kantar’s recent data period (see above) – while Nielsen figures show top two sugar brands Silver Spoon and Tate & Lyle added £10.2m between them in the 12 weeks to 27 June. Take ancient grains.

“Visits to our online map reached 45k in the first six weeks of going live,” Waugh reveals.

Claire Marriage at Doves says it’s “sure to continue with so many rediscovering the joys of home baking during the pandemic. Chart. This sauce is adequately sweet and has a rich tomato flavor. For Betty Crocker, that’s been a key driver of sales during lockdown, as families get “a sense of enjoyment from the preparation as well as the consumption” Judge says. Organic Rise & Shine Banana Loaf Mix (rsp: £2.59/250g) is vegan and gluten-free. It became the most-searched recipe on the BBC website, while 45,000 new photos of banana bread popped up on Instagram in April alone. We hope the detailed description of each will help you decide which one would suit you the best. © 2020 KitchenCraft. As a search term in the early weeks of lockdown, ‘banana bread’ far outstripped the likes of ‘sponge cake’, ‘cupcakes’ and ‘sourdough’, Google Trends shows. “Mermaids, unicorns and dinosaurs have always been popular, but a recent customer poll showed a real demand for garden and tea party-themed products – possibly as people expect to socialise more towards the end of summer.”. There was a loaf of it in every oven during the early part of the outbreak – or so it seemed. “If you look at how the UK has taken up baking with aplomb during lockdown, it is reasonable to expect that many people are only at the beginning of their baking journeys,” he says. This statistic shows the leading 25 retailers selling baked products as the primary element of their food offering in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2016, ranked by number of outlets. Leading 25 retailers of baked products in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2016, ranked by number of outlets* [Graph]. Home baking sales have soared as Brits look to beat lockdown boredom. You only have access to basic statistics. Banana bread has become the ubiquitous star of lockdown’s home baking boom. “With more social occasions available, shoppers will be keen to continue experimenting and share their baking skills with friends and family. Register in seconds and access exclusive features. “Flour has been so popular for baking during lockdown it was out of stock for a number of weeks in many stores with the supply chain struggling to keep up,” notes Nielsen analyst Mathew Fleming. The question is whether the trend has longevity. The “bizarre new treat” also requires basil pesto, baby spinach and cheese. Ah, ‘new normal’. By Daniel Selwood2020-07-24T10:24:00+01:00. Value sales of home baking items soared 49% in the 12 weeks to 14 June [Kantar], with flour – quite predictably – growing fastest. “Mixes are a great way to introduce novices and children to home baking, with simple recipes and convenient packs containing all the key ingredients,” she says. Insta and YouTube have encouraged people to want to create ‘share worthy’ bakes, which encourages people to try new creative recipes. This website uses cookies. The story began back in March, as Brits stuffed their store cupboards with baking ingredients.

At category level, average prices are up 3.1% as promotions are cut. Are you interested in testing our corporate solutions? We saw them grow in the 12-week period by 140%.” This was largely down to parents’ desire to keep their offspring “out of trouble” she adds. “We’re seeing bakers get more creative and seasonal with cake toppers, for example,” Munns adds. Learn more about how Statista can support your business.

Containing at least 30 egg whites, it is targeting “two distinct markets”: home baking and sports nutrition. ", British Baker, Leading 25 retailers of baked products in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2016, ranked by number of outlets* Statista, (last visited November 13, 2020), Leading 25 retailers of baked products in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2016, ranked by number of outlets*, Forecast retail value of bakery products in the European Union (EU) 2015-2019, Retail value sales forecast of baked goods in the United Kingdom (UK) 2010 to 2019, Retail value sales of bakery products in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2010 to 2019, Manufacture of bread and pastries: enterprises in the UK 2019, by turnover size band, Bread and pastry goods: Manufacturing turnover in the United Kingdom (UK) 2008-2018, Bread and fresh pastry manufacturers' sales in the United Kingdom (UK) 2008-2018, Manufacture of biscuits and pastry: enterprises in the UK 2019, by turnover size band, Biscuit and pastry goods: Manufacturers' sales in the United Kingdom (UK) 2008-2016, Fine bakery: manufacturing sales volume in the UK, by product 2008-2015, Share of featured retail space allocated to bakery in the United Kingdom (UK) 2015, Number of bakery promotions at major food retailers in the United Kingdom (UK) 2015, Spend on advertising by bread and baked goods brands United Kingdom (UK) in 2016, Wrapped and in-store bakery value and unit sales in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2016, Retail value of packaged bread and artisanal bread in the United Kingdom 2005-2015, Sales value of sweet bakery, crumpet and muffin brands in the United Kingdom 2016, Sales volume of sweet bakery, crumpet and muffin brands in the United Kingdom 2016, Retail sale of baked goods: enterprises in the UK 2019, by turnover size band, Leading bakery retailers in the United Kingdom (UK) 2016, Growth of leading bakery retailers in the United Kingdom 2015-2016, Leading craft bakers ranked by turnover in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2015, Leading craft bakers ranked by store number in the United Kingdom (UK) 2016, Growth of leading ten craft bakers in the United Kingdom (UK) 2015-2016, Bread: Weekly UK household expenditure per person 2006-2018, Weekly UK household expenditure 2006-2018: Cakes, buns and pastries, Weekly UK household consumption of cakes, buns and pastries 2006-2018, United Kingdom (UK): products used to replace bread in 2016, Frequency of baking using cake or bread mixes in Great Britain 2017, Fastest growing bakery retailers in the United Kingdom 2013, Leading mobile bakery shops in the United Kingdom 2013, by number of stores, Leading mobile bakery shops ranked by number of shops in the United Kingdom 2013, Retail sales of baked goods in Canada 2006-2016, Number of baked goods stores in Canada 2019, by employment size, Number of baked goods stores in Canada by region 2019, Number of retail bakeries in Canada by region 2019, Number of retail bakeries in Canada 2019, by employment size, Leading baked goods on coffee café menus in Canada 2015, Retail volume sales forecast of baked goods in Germany from 2010 to 2019, Forecast retail sales value of baked goods in Germany from 2010 to 2019, Turnover of the baked goods industry in Italy 2010-2017, Chile: largest baked goods producers 2017, Forecast retail sales value of pastries in the United Kingdom (UK) 2012-2017, Leading 5 package types of new baked products launched in the UK 2012/2013, Baked goods launches in the United States from 2013 to 2018, by top ingredient, Number of enterprises in the Canadian coffee and snack shops industry 2010-2019, Baking ingredients and mixes product launches in the U.S. from 2013 to 2018, by claim, Nigerian baked goods market size 2016-2021, Turnover of bakery product manufacturing in Slovakia 2008-2015, Find your information in our database containing over 20,000 reports, Tools and Tutorials explained in our Media Centre.

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