While Maria was in a relationship with Marcus, Saya ended up regretting that she slept with her latest boyfriend. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. RELATED: 7 Differences Between The 'Deadly Class' Pilot And The Comic. She automatically recognized the signs when Maria she had forgotten to take her routine medication. Because of history, we know this doesn't happen. They ended up trading punches and brutally knocking each other down. The last time audiences saw Marcus' friend, Willie (Luke Tennie), was in the penultimate episode, "Kids of the Black Hole." The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Marcus attended King's Dominion because his ultimate goal was to assassinate the president. RELATED: The Deadly Class: 8 Things To Know Before The Series Premiere. Lana Candor is Saya Kuroki - Saya is one of King's Dominion's best students, and she's the current leader of the Kuroki Syndicate. Lin, Gao, and The Guild So I'm just a casual viewer of the show, thinking about starting the comics and I'm just kinda confused about what the Guild is and how it plays into everything. Was that the last time we were supposed to see Willie on the show? Cookies help us deliver our Services. After Marcus and Maria were able to defeat the psychotic Chester Wilson (Tom Stevens) and his crazy family, the duo thought they were in the clear with Chico's chopped-off head. Unfortunately, Saya disobeyed her orders and went away to help out Marcus before he attacked Chester. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Brandy Lynn (Siobhan Williams), a member of the Dixie Mob, and Viktor (Sean Depner), the son of a Soviet Assassin, had double-crossed Master Lin by trading his secrets to Madame Gao. Willie is played by Luke Tennie, who recently appeared in the 2018 film Thriller. Deadly Class (TV Series 2018–2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. RELATED: The Deadly Class: 8 Things To Know Before The Series Premiere. Master Gao, formerly known as Nahia, is a leading force for King's Dominion's assassins guild and the sister to Master Lin. How does a friendship like theirs survive after a near battle to the death? Master Lin had his own set of troubles to deal with during the season finale. With Benedict Wong, Benjamin Wadsworth, Lana Condor, María Gabriela de Faría. The furniture in Gao's office are people who have to remain completely still for most of the day, acting as book shelves, chairs, a table, etc. So I'm just a casual viewer of the show, thinking about starting the comics and I'm just kinda confused about what the Guild is and how it plays into everything. Master Lin is played by Benedict Wong, who is easily well-known for playing the sorcerer Wong in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though his filmography goes back a long way to the early 1990s.

How are they going to get out of this situation if they have Chico's head with them? In the past, Jurgen and Lin were rebelling against the system, but they later conformed to it as they got older. And Gao points out that all the furniture are failed aspirants and they all serve as furniture/on demand bodyguards willingly so there definitely seems to be some extreme commitment to the organization. Someone must be following his career with great interest... All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Lex is played by Jack Gillet, who has only one credited appearance preceding Deadly Class: a guest-starring role as Declan in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The kidnapping of Nahia and the death of Shu are really Saya's fault because she wasn't around to protect them. Unfortunately, we will never know if Lex and Petra were meant to be together because he was shot by one of El Alma Del Diablo's gunmen. But her first role ever was playing Jubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse. Badly wounded, Master Lin was unable to protect his own daughter when Nahia was kidnapped by Madame Gao. Maria is played by María Gabriela de Faría, a Venezuelan actress and singer who's appeared in numerous Spanish-languaged productions, such as Isa TKM and Grachi, but will be making her Hollywood debut in Deadly Class. 10 Characters Most Likely To Be On The Disney+ Show, The Legend Of Korra: 10 Things That Happened To Mako After The Show You Need To Know, Castlevania: 10 Haunting Dracula Cosplays, Avatar: 10 Weird Inconsistencies About Team Avatar Fans Noticed, Naruto: 5 Characters Rock Lee Has Surpassed (& 5 He Never Will), The Winter Soldier: 10 Ways Bucky Barnes Has Changed Since 1941, Terminal Punks #1 Is a Bloody, Punk-Infused Commentary On Capitalism, Punchline #1 Is a Mixed Bag Special for the Batman Villain, Dark Nights: Death Metal - Infinite Hour Exxxtreme Puts Lobo in the Spotlight, Wolverine: Black, White & Blood Lives Up to Its Sanguine Title, Sweet Tooth: The Return Continues Jeff Lemire's Acclaimed Series, Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Batman - Hush Weaves a Nightmarish Vision of Gotham, Avatar: 9 Benders That Could Push Aang To His Limit, Avatar: The Avatars Elemental Masters Ranked From Strongest To Weakest, Fullmetal Alchemist: 5 Times Pride Was Right (& 5 Times He Was Wrong), Power Rangers: 5 Strongest (& 5 Weakest) Blue Rangers, DC: Everything You Didn't Know About Arkham Asylum's History, Futurama: Professor Farnsworth's 10 Best Inventions, Ranked, Avatar: The Last Airbender - The 15 Most Inspiring Quotes, DC: The 10 Most Powerful Henchmen, Ranked, Marvel: The 10 Most Powerful Henchmen, Ranked, The Legend Of Korra: 5 Ways Metalbending Is the Best Form of Earthbending (& 5 Lavabending Is), The Boys: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts Fans Should Know, 5 Ways Deadpool Could Defeat Black Widow In A Fight (& 5 Couldn't).

They were very eager to show their loyalty if Madame Gao were to take over King's Dominion as headmaster. Every Time The Simpsons Family Killed People (In Canon), Deadly Class Explores Consequences Of Violent Choices, Winter TV 2019: Premiere Dates For All The New & Returning Series, The Mandalorian Season 2 Takes A Knights of the Old Republic Story Idea, Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Make His TV Debut With Netflix Spy Drama Series, Anthony Horowitz & Otto Farrant Interview: Alex Rider, The Queen's Gambit: Why Elizabeth & Townes Are Better Friends Than Lovers, Alex Trebek Gets A Moving Tribute On First Jeopardy! Though we can assume the worst because Lex was seen bleeding, we will never know if he survived the gunshot wound. Related: Deadly Class Explores Consequences Of Violent Choices. Created by writer Rick Remender (Black Science) and artist Wes Craig (Blackhand Comics), Deadly Class imagines an elite private school where the world's most notorious criminals send their children. During the attack on Chester's hideout, Maria finally confronted Saya for betraying her trust and sleeping with Marcus.

Who Is The [SPOILER] The Mandalorian Is Looking For? He joined the team as a freelancer back in 2016 and somehow managed to fail upwards. Fearing for Nahia's safety, Master Lin ordered Saya to surveil his house and protect his daughter. Because she was sent away and tortured as a child, Madama Gao resents her brother and wants to punish him through his daughter, Nahia (Viva Lee). If someone doesn't mind explaining it to me, I'd really appreciate it, thank you in advance! Syfy's Deadly Class boasts an impressive cast of young adult actors and actresses, who've successfully brought to life fan-favorite characters from Rick Remender's comic book series of the same name. As from what we've seen, it looks like the Guild is a greater organization of assassins. Taylor Hickson is Petra - Petra is a goth girl who also doesn't have any affiliation to one of the school's factions. In the comics Lin is pretty much the aggressor in everything he doesn’t really answer to anyone like in the show. Marcus is played by Benjamin Wadsworth, who's most well known for starring in the comedy series Dad vs. Lad, as well as appearing in an episode of Teen Wolf. Master Lin couldn't just let Jurgen leave his teaching position and had to murder him. I'm sure they've explained it and I just didn't pick it up and put the pieces together but I'm just wondering what the dynamic and relationship between Lin, Gao, and The Guild is.

Brandy is played by Siobhan Williams, who's starred in multiple TV shows throughout the 2010s, such as UnREAL and Beyblade Burst, as well as appearing in 2018's movie Welcome to Marwen. In actuality, Brandy and Viktor were actually spies working for Master Lin and were pretending to double-cross him. She is a recurring character in Season 1 of the series Deadly Class, portrayed by Olivia Cheng. Based on the popular Image Comics title, Deadly Class followed the disillusioned teen, Marcus Lopez Arguello (Benjamin Wadsworth) as he became enrolled in the prestigious academy, King's Dominion.

It’s been a while since I read them but I don’t think he even has a family backstory in the comic. Was the show supposed to end with Marcus accomplishing his goal? Michel Duval is Chico - Chico is the leader of the Soto Vatos, the group to which Maria belongs to, and he's Maria's former boyfriend; he's also the "top dog" of King's Dominion and one of Marcus' first antagonists. Chico is played by Michel Duval, who previously starred in TV shows such as Unforgivable and Queen of the South, and is still appearing in Lady of Steel. A one-stop shop for all things video games. RELATED: Deadly Class Pilot: 10 Things It Got Right And 10 Things It Changed. Syfy's Deadly Class TV show is an adaptation of Rick Remender's comic book series of the same name and boasts an impressive cast of young actors.

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