Derry – from the Irish word meanig “redhead.”.

Narbflaith – “noble princess”; listed in records as the name of a series of princesses and the name of a wife of an abbot of Trim, County Meath.

Pronounced "Gyel-AYSH" or "Gel-AYSH". 87. Eilene, Eleanore, Ellen, Elen, Elan, Ilene, Helen, Eily, Ellie.

Binne was the name of several fairy women in legend. 79. Irish pronunciation: [ˈɔʃiːnʲ] ush-een; Anglo pronunciation: /oʊˈʃiːn/ oh-sheen, Oney, Owney, Owny, Hewney, Hewny (anglicizations), Sometimes diminutive name of "Eilídh" (anglicized "Ellie"), This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 22:44. 73. Tuiren – an Otherworld woman who was Fionn’s aunt and married to Iollan, one of the Fianna.

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51. Ula: Celtic name which means “Sea jewel Celtic… vision. Erie: This name is said to be for someone from Ireland. She was considered a sovereign goddess – meaning she was considered to be very powerful.

Find out about the history of more Celtic goddesses here. Ainsley – “one’s own meadow”; occasionally used as a female name; probably originally a local name, either Annesley in Nottinghamshire, from Old English An “one, only” + leah “wood or clearing”; or Ansley in Warwickshire, from OE ansetl “hermitage” + leah. Bevin – (BAY-vin) Old Irish=be “woman” + binn “sweet, melodious.” Name of several early Irish queens and saints, including a 12th C. abbess of Derry. The ultimate A-Z Gaelic/Celtic names list, complete with name meanings, origins and background info for all Gaelic/Celtic baby names.

Brid – (BREED) Old Irish goddess name from Celtic brig “power, renown, mighty.” Most famous woman saint of Ireland is Brigid (patron saint of scholars), who was abbess of Kildare, previously the site of the shrine of a pagan goddess of the same name. Nainsi – (NAN-see) “grace.” Nancy, Nance, Nan.

If you have Celtic heritage, then these names will let you show it off.

Noreen – (IrGael) Irish spelling of Nora or Eleanor.

Her Celtic goddess names stand for many things, such as: “exalted one” and “light.”  She has two sisters, by the same name, creating the classic trinity goddess: Brigit the Poetess, Brigit the Smith and Brigit the Doctor/Healer. Also see Irish Tristana: This Celtic name means someone who is sorrowful or sad.

Comgall baptized her, enabling her to go to heaven. Naming Tips & Irish Gaelic name meaning "dream; vision. Meaning 'flower'. Gilian: This Celtic name means youthful. A diminutive form 'Bláithín' equally means 'little flower'.

143. Zaira – name invented by Irish writer C.R. 74. Etaoin – (AY-deen) Old Irish=et “jealousy.” Legendary heroine surpassed all other women in beauty and gentleness.

Sarah – “princess”; or also can be Sorcha (Old Irish) “clear, bright.”, Séarlait – (SHEHR-let) Irish spelling of French-Norman Charlotte, “petite, feminine.”. 94. Glencora: This name means heart or lady of the valley. Aigneis, Ina. Dana – “from Denmark”; also a version of the goddess Danu.

186. H, I, Murine – sister-in-law to Lugh and mother of Fionn. ♦ Epona:This goddess is aligned with all things equine. 182. Maturin, in his novel Women; or, pour et contre (1818).

Rori – from the word meaning “famous” or “brilliance.”. Devany, Devyn. name of an ancient Irish grain goddess. Also the name of many legendary queens, including the wives of Conn of the Hundred Battles and Cormac mac Airt. of Maire, also Maureen.

Agnese: This is a variation on the name Agnes and is said to mean lamb. Breanna: This popular name means a strong person. Aodhnait – (EH-nat) ancient Irish name of unknown meaning. 28. Airmid – (AIR-mit) daughter of a physician Dian Cecht who was one of the Tuatha De Danann, an expert in the use of herbs for medicinal purposes.

Jina: This Celtic girl name means graceful and elegant.

Sive, Sadhbba, Sadbh, Sabhbh, Sabha (SE-va). Mythical Eithne was the mother of the god Lugh.

Welcome to 70. 76. There exists a worldwide Saint Dymphna Devotion prayer community to which one may subscribe through the Franciscan Fathers.

This early name is used principally as a female name but it also occurs later as a male name. 68. Composed a famous lullaby to baby Jesus. on the ark. Bláthnaid – (BLA-na) from blath “flower”, “blossom, flower-bud.” Blathnat (BLA-nat), Blaithin (BLAW-heen), Blanaid, Florence. Enid: This Celtic name is said to mean spirit. Gobnat, Gobnet, Gobinet (anglicizations), Abbey (equivalent).

Mór – (MOHR) Old Irish=mor “great, tall.” Popular until the 19th C. Moire, Morin, Moya, Moirin, Mre, Moreen.

Kelly – “warrior woman”; “farm by the spring” Kellie, Kelli, Kaley. Glynn: This name is said to mean fair.

Kaleigh: This name means laurel or crown. 77.

Riona: This Celtic name is a variation of Reina. Sinéad – (SHEE-naid) “gracious.” Jane, Janey, Sine. Traditionally and to this day, suffixes may be used to qualify which generation is being referred to e.g., Ruaidhrí Mór and Domhnall Óg are readily understood suffixes.

50. Also used as an Irish also can be Aina, Anne.

Derived from "geal" meaning "bright or white" and "géis" meaning "swan". Granna, Grain, Grainne (GRAW-ne) most modern). Breanne: In Celtic, this name means power and strength. 100 Common Greek Last Names and Their Meanings. 95.

Deirdre – (DYEER-dre) might be from an old word for woman, but usual meaning is “sorrow.” Old Irish name popularized in the 20th C. In an early Irish tale, The Exile of the Sons of Uisliu, Deirdre was the daughter of Feidlimid, who was King Concobar’s storyteller. Dylynn: This name means someone who emerged from the ocean. It means someone who is like the oath of God. consulted, Privacy Editing Design Marketing … Ita. This could be because modern Ireland is far more cosmopolitan with a larger International community. Prikko: This Celtic name is said to mean strong and exalted one. Celtic Dog Names: Are you looking for creative Irish dog names for female puppies?

Wynne: Celtic name which means “Fair”. BRIAN m English, Irish, Ancient Irish The meaning of this name is not known for certain but it is possibly related to the old Celtic element bre meaning "hill", or by extension "high, noble". google_ad_height = 90;

Annstás – (AN-stahs) “resurrection.” Anastasia.


Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Aisling, meaning "dream; Treasa – “strength”; used as an equivalent of Teresa, but no connection.

Ragan: This Celtic name is said to mean kingly or little ruler.

Luighseach, Lucy. 46. New names are added every week! Sadb: This means a sweet, good person. Eilise. Uncertain origin; earlier form Almu. Orlaith. 69.

We’re really a global society. Fallon – “grandchild of the ruler” or “in charge.” Falen, Fallan. Derdriu (very old spelling), Dierdre, Dedre, Deidra. Names like Sean and Quinn are common unisex names. Tara – (TAH-ra) “tower”; Old Irish=Temair. Máiréad – (MAW-rayt or MAW-reed) from Greek margaron “pearl.” Popular due to admiration of Saint Margaret, queen of Scots in 11th C. Peig, Peigi are popular Irish-language nicknames. Caillech – (CALL-yach or KEE-lek) goddess known as the Veiled One; teacher of the arts of war and viewed as a Destroyer aspect of the Goddess. She died in 780.

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H, I,

Herne: Celtic name which means “Mythical hunter god”. 65. It was the name of a famed female warrior and chieftain in Celtic history. 181. Fore-vla, Forvla, Forla, Farvila (anglicizations). V, W,

Feminine form of Tuathal. Ciar – (KEER) saint(s’) name; ciar “dark” or “black.” Ciara (KEE-a-ra), Ceire (KEHR), Kiera, Keara. Some not-so-well known, but no less important or powerful. Fedelm Noichrothach (Fedelm Nine-Times-Beautiful) was the daughter of King Conchobar mac Nessa of Ulster, and a woman warrior. Variant spelling of Irish Gaelic Aisling, meaning "dream;

Belonged to Tuatha de Dannan and in legend gave her name to one of the three great waves of Ireland 'Tonn Chlídna' which has been identified with Glandore Harbour. Like Tara, it means hill.

But Art got past all obstacles and took her for his wife. Dana: Dana is a variation on the name for the Celtic goddess of fertility. meaning "kernel. Meadghbh – (MEEV) “agile.” Meaveen, Mabbina. of Annstas (Gr) “resurrection.”. Connect. Believed to mean 'Son of the charioteer'. Male. Her sisters are Macha and Morrigan who together, make the dark triple goddess. Conwenna: In Celtic, this name means the white one, fair or blessed.

We can adopt the same acceptance, and in so doing, we find an open channel to the Goddess energies of old Europe.

127. Anglicized Gobnet. Aideen – Oscar’s wife,he was grandson of Finn mac Cumhail. Eriu was one of the three queens of the Tuatha De Danann and daughter of the Dagda.

Random. Kelli: This name is said to mean lively. Breana: This means an honorable and virtuous girl. 194.

", AISLINN: Shanna.

32. Alane: This Celtic name means little rock or fair.

140. Caoilfhionn – (KEE-lin) “slender, fair.” Keelin.

Ula – (Celt) “sea jewel” or “gem of the sea.” Uli, Ulicia. Was the daughter of Guaire Aidne, king of Connacht. Cori – derived from the word meaning “from the hollow.”. Laoise – “radiant girl”; might be the same as Luigsech, from the god Lugh. Fodla – “sovereignty.” An ancient goddess with Banba and Eriu. -Truth is, none of these theories have much substance. Elva – (AL-va) legend says she was the sister-in-law of the god Lugh.

Beare – name of a Spanish princess who married Eoghan Mor. Agata – “good”; variant of Greek name Agatha. Maetta: This Celtic girl name means one who is dedicated to the god of Mars. Mab – (MEEV) “drunk woman” or “wolf queen”; a goddess and fairy queen. Erina, Eryn, Eriu (ERR-I-oo). This name means "belonging to Laoighis/Laois", a Gaelic territory whose name is now used for. Ailidh: This name means noble or bright one. Last Updated on April 24, 2020 By admin Leave a Comment. Áine – (AN-yuh) (Celt,IrGael) “joy”, “brightness”, “fasting”, “praise”, or “radiance.” Traditional name of the queen of fairies, an important and varied role in Celtic mythology. Discover the right one with this ultimate name generator.

Sine (SHEE-na). Mell – (MAHL, MAH-la) Old Irish=mall “lightning.” Mell, sister of Saint Kevin, was the mother of seven saints. Uallach ingen Muinecháin was the name of a chief poetess of Ireland who died in 934.

129. Colleen – derived from the Celtic word for “girl.”. Make Virtual Scratch-Offs for Gender Reveal Announcements and Parties - TRY FREE! Do share this article with friends and pet lovers on social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and Pinterest. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Aisling poetry in the 17th and 18th century personified Ireland as a beautiful woman in danger and imagined a better future for her. Maitilde – “battle maiden.” Matilda, Maiti, Matty. Madeline, Maighdlin (MEHD-leen).

1. Badb is a shape-shifter and also a warrior goddess. Luighseach – (LOO-seh or LEE-sak) “bringer of light”; feminine also can be Lugh, and name of an early saint.


13. Doireann – (DAHR-an or DOHR-en) from Old Irish Doirend, poss.


Ethyll: This name means noble and comes from Old English.

Dervil – (Der-uh-vil) Old Irish=name Derbail, may mean “daughter of Fal (Ireland)” or “daughter of a poet”; der “daughter” + Fal, an ancient name for Ireland; may also mean “true desire.” Modern Irish Dearbháil, also written Dervla (DAYR-vla). 21. Nora, Honora.