Use the Undo tool to undo part or all of your drawing. The full collection has a decent worth these days of over $100. The Lion King turned it to a major hit during the 90s.,,, Children's Privacy Notice / Privacy Policy. Goofy and the Yeti at Expedition Everest from Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Minnie Mouse in a Time Rover from DINOSAUR. Nonetheless, the McDonald’s toys hold a greater value. You are leaving the McDonald's web site for a site that is controlled by a third party, not affiliated with McDonald's.

Happy Meal and Happy Meal box design are owned by McDonald's Corporation and its affiliates. 10 ’Nice Creams’ So Nice, You Won’t Miss Ice Cream, 15 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys We Should Have Kept (And 5 That Are Good For The Trash), 10 Haunted Restaurants You Can Actually Eat In, 12 Fast-Food Items Foodies Can Only Find In The US (And 11 Abroad), This 13-Year-Old Started Candy Company That Made $6 Million, 10 Three-Ingredient Smoothies For On-The-Go, Inspired To Taste's Pies Are Just Too Beautiful To Eat, Turning Back The Clock: 20 Photos Of Celebrity Chefs Before They Were Famous, 10 Foods That Are Better Covered In Chocolate (And 10 That Are Worse), 10 Things You Didn’t Know About McDonald’s Breakfast, We Know We're Millennials If We Have 20 Of These 24 Things In Our Kitchen, 10 '90s Cereal Brands That Completely Vanished, Quick Sweets: Top 10 Delicious Fast Food Desserts (And 10 That Should Be Skipped), There's A Store In Tokyo Dedicated To Helping Women Buy Valentine's Day Obligation Chocolate, 10 Kitchen Nightmares Restaurants That Are Still Open, Jon Bon Jovi Feeds Furloughed Workers At His New Jersey Restaurant, New Study Suggests A Two-Minute Trick To Curb Your Cravings, Ranked: All the Hot Ones Hot Sauces (Based on Scoville Heat Units), Chase Field's Massive Royal Rumble Burger Is The Stuff Of Both Dreams & Nightmares, It's Waaaay Delicious: The Official Ranking Of 25 Wendy's Menu Items, From Worst To Best. McDonald’s however, created an actual toothpaste while partnering with Colgate. Who says current McDonald’s Happy Meal toys can’t be collector’s items! So there have been leaks of the Mickey and Minnie collection but the word is the come out November 17th, however, the marvel set concludes officially on the 9th and per calendar schedule, Soul comes the 10th and Mickey and Minnie comes December 8th. Condition is also a big factor when assessing these toys. Below is an image leaked on Twitter showing the full Happy Meal toy collection. Below is an image leaked on Twitter showing the full Happy Meal toy collection. If you consider yourself a Disney World fan, then you’ll want to plan a visit to McDonald’s later this Fall! 18 April, 2017 . Meal Toys – February 2020 – Feisty Pets   McDonald’s took their Happy Meals to the next level by making agreements with certain films. By using this website you agree to Laughing Place’s User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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