Marcus quickly realizes that this reputation is all that's keeping him alive and if the other students realized he wasn't this murderous, he'd be easy prey. Deadly Class o Clase mortal es una serie estadounidense de 2019 de acción y drama basada en la novela gráfica homónima de Rick Remender y Wesley Craig.
A list of things that are still happening: 2021, the Super Bowl, and the Weeknd. Their would-be assassins represent teachers, principals, cops -- everything they've fought against. Deadly Class is a TV series that aired on Syfy from January to March of 2019, based on the comic book of the same name by Rick Remender and produced by The Russo Brothers.. At Kings Dominion Academy, kids from all walks of life learn important life skills, like the best poison to use if you want to make a statement, or the best way to dispose of a body. Still, everybody except Jaden makes it to the relative safety of the detention hall. [33]​ Los miembros del elenco; Wadsworth, Condor, De Faría, Tennie, Wong, los co-creadores del cómic; Remender y Craig y los showrunners; Mick Betancourt y Miles Orion Feldsott se presentaron en el San Diego Comic-Con en julio de 2018,[34]​[35]​ también se mostraron 15 minutos del episodio piloto y el tráiler oficial. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from
Grossberg, Josh (20 de diciembre de 2018). Nicolás Calderon (Versión UCP)

We’ll just reminisce on Karmageddon instead. Maintaining his moral code while surviving a ruthless curriculum, vicious social cliques and his own adolescent uncertainties soon prove to be vital.[2]. Still, everybody except Jaden makes it to the relative safety of the detention hall. The first episode premiered as a special preview online on December 20, 2018 and on Syfy on December 30; the series would officially premiere on January 16, 2019. Viva Lee as Nahia: Master Lin's daughter.

All’s well that ends well? Could this new feature point to something bigger in the future? Willie bonds with his girlfriend. Maria's family was slaughtered by Chico's father, who took her in and trained her to become an assassin for the cartel. Her plan is thwarted when she breaks out early, but she manages to stash the passport away for a rainy day. [2]​, La serie sigue a un adolescente sin hogar reclutado en una famosa escuela privada de élite donde las principales familias criminales del mundo envían a sus próximas generaciones. And when the Breakfast Club of Deadly Class consists of Marcus, Saya, Chico, Petra, Viktor, and Some Guy Named Jaden, will it shock you to learn that Some Guy Named Jaden is the one who ends up getting killed? Set in a dark, heightened world against the backdrop of late 80s counter culture, "Deadly Class" follows the story of Marcus, a teen living on the streets who is recruited into Kings Dominion, an elite private academy where the world’s top crime families send their next generations. Don’t be fooled into believing anyone else. The group's trip to Las Vegas is crashed by Chico, who attempts to kill Marcus after catching him in bed with Maria.

[1]​ Está protagonizada por Benedict Wong, Benjamin Wadsworth, Lana Condor, María Gabriela de Faría, Luke Tennie, Liam James y Michel Duval. Saya is forced to choose between her duties to Lin and her love for Marcus. More situations arise when a party is being held at Shabnam's – with all the school students being invited. Temporadas Deadly Class o Clase Mortal [1], Set in a dark, heightened world against the backdrop of late '80s counterculture, Deadly Class follows a homeless, disillusioned teen recruited into King's Dominion, a storied elite private school where the world's top crime families send their next generations. Isaiah Lehtinen as Shabnam: Son of a wealthy banker who is shunned by his peers. [25]​ El 28 de agosto de 2018, se anunció que Tom Stevens se había unido a la serie como un personaje recurrente interpretando a Chester «F*ckface» Wilson. Martin’s ‘Nightflyers’ To Comic-Con», «‘Deadly Class’ Schools SDCC With Punk-Fueled Trailer – Comic-Con», «New York Comic Con: Syfy Sets World Premiere Screening Of George R.R. En el baile, Petra va al baño acompañada por Viktor y descubre que una pandilla de chicas lideradas por Brandy, una. Las tensiones aumentan entre Kuroki y Soto Vatos, con Saya y Maria atrapadas en el medio. [41]​ En Latinoamérica, se estrenó el 17 de enero de 2019 en FX,[42]​ y el 30 de enero se transmitió una emisión especial de los dos primeros episodios en FOX. But as always on this series, death isn’t that far away. Gao descubre el secreto mejor guardado de Lin. Lin implementa su plan para lidiar con Gao, pero ella demuestra estar un paso por delante de él. [17], On the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, the series has an approval rating of 64% based on 36 reviews, with an average rating of 6.23/10. At one point he is hiding under the car, afraid of the mountains. Marcus and Willie choose to off Rory, a homeless guy who's been murdering other homeless people.

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