height: 100%; 103 - Victim Targeting Penalty Enhancements. color: black; Creates protection zones for existing gravel, sand, or rock aggregate mining operations. Dr. Kwan and her family are long-time residents of the Taylorsville-West Valley City areas. font-weight: bold; Provides uniform guidelines for prosecutors and other entities related to a crime victim’s immigration status when receiving the assistance of the crime victim. } 3/5/2020. font-weight: bold; The Kwan sisters began figure skating at the same time and trained and competed against each other for years. Utah is one of several conservative-leaning states where supporters hope to make inroads regarding the amendment that would explicitly enshrine equality for women in the U.S. Constitution.ERA opponents in Utah turned out with signs and chants at a rally announcing the effort, and leaders of the state’s predominant faith, often known as the Mormon church, reaffirmed its more-than three decades of opposition.

Vote Date:

Kwan is sponsoring a bill for the 2020 legislative session that she hopes will make Utah the 38th state to ratify the ERA.

Vote Date: State Senate | backspring2011 WBUR As long as they’re still RENTING, so landlords can “DO WELL” , meaning keep CONCENTRATING WEALTH.

78 - Energy Storage Innovation, Research, and Grant Program Act. Vote Date: color:white; The Alliance for a Better Utah Legislative Progress Report. Learn more about how we scored the legislative session this year. font-size: 12px; Vote Date: margin-top: 0px; font-weight: 100; color: #0645ad; Bills are monitored by BillTrack50and sorted by action history. Fake vs. real Christmas trees: Which is best. Authorizes the Division of State Parks to create the Utahraptor State Park in Grand County. .inner_percentage, .inner_percentage.Nonpartisan, .inner_percentage.Independent, .inner_percentage.Constitution, .inner_percentage.unknown { 2/18/2020. 9 - JR Calling for a Convention to Amend the United States Constitution. background-color: red;

H.B. H.B. She also holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Utah. 3/3/2020, S.B. Directs the Dept. Vote Date: S.B. H.J.R 8 - Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution - Slavery and Involuntary Servitude Prohibition.

Vote Date: ", Excerpt: "This creates an increase in disability rates and the need for government funding for seniors, such as Medicaid. } } margin-bottom:0px;

236 - State Board of Education Candidacy Amendments. But the Utes could be stymied by the Southeastern Conference—and it wouldn’t be the first time. 17 - Congressional Vacancies Amendments. 934 likes. 2/11/2020, H.B.

There was also a special session on September 20. padding-bottom: 0px;


Dean Campbell (D) withdrew before the primary. 70 - Repeal of Single-mark Straight Ticket Voting.

margin-top: 1px; .votebox-results-metadata { It is Ballotpedia’s goal to incorporate all available scorecards regardless of ideology or number. .mw-body #mw-content-text th.votebox-results-cell--text { margin: 0; |

Karen is committed to Education, Seniors, Public Safety and Economic Development

165 - Emergency Response Plans for Homelessness. 277 - Amendments to Municipal Alternate Voting Methods.

vertical-align: middle;

Extends an income tax credit for certain alternative fuel heavy-duty vehicles to 2029.

Incumbent Johnny Anderson (R) did not seek re-election. position: relative; 3 - CR Urging the EPA to Update Switcher Locomotive Emission Standards. } else { Healthcare | margin-bottom: .75em; 56 - Community Reinvestment Agency Report. Allows for automatic expungement of some criminal records after a certain time.

fontFamily: "Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif",

} .inner_percentage.CrossFiled {

} Requires a jail to provide an incarcerated person with the option of continuing medically prescribed contraception. Vote Date: Vote Date:

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