buti na lang di kami nagka diabetes hehe. In a medium saucepan on low heat, warm the milk. You’d have to boil water in the pan to soften the sugar and everything…. I love the idea of using fresh milk as sub for evap.

Trouble with metal llanera kasi: 1) they rust; 2) they get easily deformed. I used molasses and look at the photos. Have a question about the nutrition data? Nyway i’ve tried this recipe of yours kc yung niluluto kng leche flan dati hindi firm ang nagiging result ng flan, i got the recipe from a cooking show in tv i dnt know why it didn’t turned out ryt.

Re bubbles: Do not overbeat. ms.connie did you cover the mini leche plan while it was cooking?what do you recommend? mahilig po ako s aleche plan pero anu po ba yung molases kasi balak ko subukan gumawa ng leche plan.tnk you. Add the vanilla and 1/2 the sugar, whisking gently constantly. Strain through a fine sieve (or use a cloth). hi miss connie saan po ba supermarket pwde makabili ng molasses kasi po i try sa sm kya lang wala po tlga ako maita…gusto ko po kasi gumawa para sa birthday ng husband ko…malapit na po kasi at gusto ko po kasi eh maging espesyal ang birthday nya kasi matagal nya na request ang leche flan sakin …sana po ma-email nyo sakn …thank you. marami akong memories sa leche flan. Lemon is more aromatic. BTW, my boss who is of Asian Indian origin always asks for leche flan everytime we have an office party. Hubby was thankful too, it’s his favorite. Transfer the egg mixture back to the saucepan and raise the heat to medium. No wonder that in some restaurant buffets, leche flan is served in individual sizes.

Spoon evenly over syrup in ramekins.

Bake 45 to 50 min. oh thanks a lot!

mas mabango lang kasi. aha! hello, nasa houston, texas po ako, saan po bang eksangtong lugar nabibili ang puto molder kasi ipapabili ko lang po sa sister ko ito, halos lahat ng featured recipe nyo na try ko na at lahat nagustuhan ng husband ko. kc last xmas nag attempt ako gumawa kya lang naging yema kc sa oven ko ginawa hehe, at saka pala ginamit ko eh golden syrup and ok naman din sya…tapos tinaried ko din ung puto mejo sablay kc sobrang excited ako di ko na nasunod ung procedure pinagsasama ko lahat ng ingriendts sa bowl haha, but d outcome is ok naman kinain nga lahat ng asawa ko ung puto haha at nasarapan din ako hehe… anyway ang haba na n2 ate connie cnxa na po, naku nalimutan ko pa magpakilala, by d way im czarina from england and married to my british husband.

I wonder if it’s really just a difference of size and shape. maybe some of you would like to try this out: try cooking the leche flan in a water bath (just like how creme brulee is cooked). hmmm better have that in pantry! microwave ovens heat up only water particles, but it isn’t really necessary. my experience in cooking is that even if one have the same ingredients and measurements two people would have different result cause of different procedure/technique.

Lira, check out the puto recipe to get an idea about steaming. baking section usually on the same shelf as pancake syrup.

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