source The plague has come to reclaim what belongs to it: the one it spared, its creation, and its herald, Galactus. To prevent the Black Winter from destroying the universe, Galactus told Thor he needed to consume five planets with unique energy signatures, which will make Galactus powerful enough to take on the star plague. Download Best WordPress Themes Free Download, Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness, Marvel Contest of Champions: Nick Fury Spotlight, Marvel’s Iron Man VR Arrives 2019 on PlayStation VR! ¦. © Copyright Epic Heroes 2020, All Rights Reserved Your email address will not be published. Kirk’s wife even let him frame this issue and hang it up in their basement. ____________________________________________________________ Learn how your comment data is processed. MCU VIDEOS: Straight from the pages of Fantastic Four: Antithesis by Mark Waid and Neal Adams comes a new World Devourer in the form of a popular member of the Fantastic Four — and they may be the most dangerous version of the cosmic character yet!

Thor #5 is available now at your local comic book shop, or direct from Marvel Comics. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Find out who is the fastest character in Marvel …, Your email address will not be published. Thor agrees, on the condition that he saves the planets' inhabitants before Galactus absorbs each world. Related: Thor Once Hit Galactus So Hard, He Puked (Literally). Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, The Punisher Star Jon Bernthal Says Season 3 Might Still Happen, Agents of SHIELD Fans Are Upset Over Claim That There Was No MCU Content in 2020, Black Widow: Marvel Studios Artist Reveals Taskmaster Art, Marvel's X of Swords Shocks With A Surprise X-Men Wedding, Marvel's X of Swords Reveals The First Casualty of the Duels, Marvel Fans React to WandaVision Not Releasing Until Next Year, Marvel Introduces A Mutant Who Basically Has Black Bolt's Power, WandaVision Release Date Revealed for Disney+.

Galactic!32 PGS./Rated T …$4.99.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. So much so that he even had aspirations to become an illustrator and artist like his grandfather, and the analytical side of his brain eventually lead him to the thrilling world of accounting. Every Version of The Sorcerer Supreme in Marvel Comics, Doctor Strange Was Once Bitten by Dracula, The Silver Surfer Has His Own Herald in Marvel Comics, Marvel's Next Major Villain Just Became a Hero in The Comics, The X-Men Just Had Marvel's Strangest Wedding Ever, Naruto Reaches His Most Powerful Level in Boruto #51, Black Clover - Asta's Demon Form And Powers Explained, A Batman Family Hero Just Became The New Shazam, Black Panther And Luke Cage's First Team-Up Was All About Respect, DC's Most Badass Universe Was Just Created By Lobo. In fact, there was even a point he was known as Galactus the Lifebringer.

As the Black Winter begins to consume Thor and Galactus, the duo flex their enhanced powers against the plague. Kirk Smith: Accountant from 9 – 5 and full out comic book nerd on evening and weekends. 96180 views ! A one-stop shop for all things video games. He added, "There’s really only one Fantastic Four story.

The striking cover of Spider-Man laying in pure white snow is still a fond memory today. As self professed Marvel fanboy who continues to try and break into the wonderful world of DC, Kirk is fascinated by the art and storytelling of any and all comics. Galactus talks a big game, but the newest Thor series has just revealed the one cosmic being that scared him to his core: The Black Winter. As those who read the first issues of Donny Cates and Nic Klein's Thor already know, Galactus gave Thor his power-up under the guise that a new, dark, and ominous threat was coming to end the entire universe: The Black Winter. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Galactus lied to Thor about the Black Winter: the star plague has not come to this universe to destroy it... it has only come for Galactus. | Official Announce Trailer. Thor pushes the Black Winter back, allowing he and Galactus to regroup.

Required fields are marked *. Meet Mr. Thor's first instinct is to attack the world-devourer, but Galactus hasn't come to consume Asgard. | Future Blink, Superman VS Marvel's Superman (Hyperion) – Versus | Comicstorian, Smash Mouth Concert Packed at Sturgis, Singer Says ‘F That Covid S**t’ | TMZ, Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch. Galactus in Phase 5 – Thor Love and Thunder & Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window). Furious, Thor cuts the Black Winter off -- not wanting to give the Black Winter a chance to destroy his universe. The God of Thunder is changing in Marvel's Universe, with Thor #1 relaunching the hero with a brand new visual design, a new place as king of Asgard, and a new mission even he may be powerless to stop. Astro City Asks, What if The Fantastic Four Raised The Teen Titans? By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Adam Barnhardt Next: Thor, 'Herald of Thunder' Leads Marvel Unlimited's New Comics. New Videos, Tags amp Asgard Avengers Endgame Celestials Comic Books Doctor doctor doom doctor strange Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness Eternals Fantastic Four Galactus galactus origins guardians of the galaxy 3 infinity stones Infinity War Kevin Feige Loki Love MADNESS Marvel marvel comics MCU mcu phase 5 movies Multiverse Nova Odin Phase Phase 4 Phase 5 Pop Culture power cosmic Russo Brothers Silver Surfer silver surfer origins Strange Taika Waititi Thor Thor 4 Thor Love and Thunder Thunder, The ultimate Iron Man fantasy game. But it still won't be enough to face his newest opponent. But when Thor and Galactus are finally confronted by the star plague, it outs Galactus for what he truly is: scared.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Over the course of the past few years, Galactus hasn't necessarily been a supervillain by any stretch of the imagination.

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When Galactus recruited Thor as his new herald, he created the most powerful version of Thor fans have seen -- welding the powerful Mjolnir, with the power of the All-Father, and now the power cosmic, too. The shocking moment served as the final page of the series and hints Sue Richards, Johnny Storm, The Thing, and Galan will have to go toe-to-toe with the new Galactus, all in an attempt to save the universe. Desperate to consume enough energy to fight the Black Winter, Galactus consumes the final planet Kryo, murdering its inhabitants as the plague arrives before Galactus and his herald. The All-Black almost corrupted Thor, convincing him to attack Galactus full on. ► Subscribe to Marvel: …, These heroes are born to run! It’s Galactus and the Silver Surfer. "The truth of the matter is that any time I’ve asked to do something they’ve pretty much let me do it," Neal Adams told SYFY WIRE earlier this year. With the ominous warning that the Black Winter gave, it is anyone's guess what even darker fate this universe will face. There's a new Galactus in the Marvel Universe. All rights reserved. As they battle, the Black Winter engulfs Galactus, occupying him while he toys with Thor -- showing him how he could meet his end, at the hands of some of Thor's most iconic enemies. Galactus in Phase 5 - Thor Love and Thunder & Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness #Thor

Those guys were great and they really delineated the Fantastic Four. When an old Galactus came to Earth in an attempt to consume it, King Thor and his family fought back against him. By gifting him an issue of the Amazing Spider-Man #408, Kirk’s grandfather introduced him to the world of comics at the tender age of eight. But it still won't be enough to face his newest opponent. Despite Thor's anger, he and Galactus have no choice but to battle together, to keep the Black Winter from washing over them. Warning: SPOILERS for Thor #5. FANTASTIC FOUR: ANTITHESIS #4MARK WAID (W) • NEAL ADAMS (A/C)Variant cover by RUSSELL DAUTERMANReed Richards has made the ultimate sacrifice to save the cosmos from both Antithesis and Galactus, dooming himself to a life among the stars! From that point on, Kirk fell deep into the world of Marvel comics and became completely obsessed with anything and everything related to comics. The plague taunts Galactus, egging him on to reveal to Thor why he truly survived the death of his universe. Thor is furious with Galactus, but he will be even more angry when he learns of the Black Winter's true goals. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Straight from the pages of Fantastic Four: Antithesis by Mark Waid and Neal Adams comes a new World Devourer in the form of a … Ben 10 vs Green Lantern (Cartoon Network VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

The solicitation for Fantastic Four: Antithesis #4 — the final issue in the mini-series — can be found below. He cannot believe his boyhood obsession has broken into mainstream media, and he can finally share his love of Spider-Man instead of his respect for bookkeeping. Infinity Stones in Eternals & Does the Thanos Snap Bring Celestials to Earth: Thor VS Celestials & Odin in The Eternals – Phase 4 & Guardians of the Galaxy 3: Will Nick Fury’s SWORD Debut in The Eternals: Celestials & Avengers Endgame Equal Mutants & X-Men in Phase 5: Doctor Strange 2 Leading to Blade & Chthon in Phase 5 – MCU Vampires: Hawkeye & Doctor Strange Appearances in WandaVision lead to Multiverse of Madness: Thanos Origins & Thor 4 + Cosmic Villains of The Eternals & Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Marvel's Biggest Civil War Twist is Officially in The Past, Black Panther Gets An Upgrade To Face Marvel's King in Black, Excalibur Once Called Doctor Strange to Let Nightcrawler Out of a Closet, Joker VS Red Skull Confirms The DC & Marvel Universe's True Villains. And Galactus is scared. He is simply fascinated with the world of comics and everything that has subsequently been developed from it, from television series to blockbuster movies, he loves it all, even all the action figures that come along with it. Now, the character has searched out the help of the Fantastic Four to destroy his Antithesis, an Anti-Galactus who's arrived to turn all of life into his own pawns. It is then that the Black Winter turns its focus to Galactus, revealing its true motives. All the rest are just sorta there. Kanye West Makes Nice with Kris Jenner, Says He Misses Jay-Z | TMZ, Would You Sleep In A BUNK BED On A PLANE? There's a new Galactus in the Marvel Universe. "But every once in a while the subject of the Fantastic Four would come up and I realized, you know, there’s Jack Kirby and John Buscema out there and as far as I’m concerned that’s about the best you’re going to do. But one thing is for sure: the new Thor will be just as powerful as the old one.

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