Drop us a note in the comments below or email us at contact@goonhammer.com. Thanks. Murasa Rootgrazer Crazy in a landfall focused set. To the tune of your 8th land potentially generating 8 tokens. Keep bouncing and recasting that Elvish Visionary or Fblthp. Zendikar Rising has a theme of “lands matter” much like Theros had “enchantments matter”. [[Venser, Shaper Savant]] is a pseudo counterspell that can also bounce permanents. Archon of Emeria This is yet another rule of law effect, coming in at 3 CMC, and also taps opponents your opponents non basics as they enter, further solidifying whites status as the Stax color. I would recommend maybe some moonfolk like patron of the moon and meloku or uyo. https://archidekt.com/decks/300094#Yarok_Landfall_ETB_Shenanigans.
While my Yarok deck isn't a Landfall deck here are some cards I run that I don't see in your deck and haven't been mentioned that you might want to consider: [[Cloud of Faeries]] untaps 4 lands when it comes into play when Yarok is out. Sea Gate Stormcaller is a dangerous copier because it’s an on cast trigger, meaning you can drop Sea Gate Stormcaller to force through a spell, because if your opponents want to counter it they’ll have to counter both copies. Valakut Exploration Card advantage that dumps to your GY for damage to all opponents. Very handy when you've stalled and need to draw cards. Drama, the Last BloodChief This is a medium-range beater that reanimates with each attack, but since your opponent gets to choose what you reanimate it’s probably difficult to get the full effect out of Drana. Anowon himself could probably helm a fairly decent deck, his ability triggers for each rogue and for each damage dealth, and many rogues have evasion abilities or abilities that trigger on dealing combat damage. Moraug, Fury of Akoum At 6 cmc this is an expensive card, but having at least one extra combat phase each turn is potentially huge, especially with a free untap of all creatures (including those that didn’t attack). However both black and white have a number of overlapping themes of life gain and life loss, life gain on creatures entering, and life loss caused to opponents by creatures dying, and Orah could serve as an engine to cycle cards through the yard repeatedly. I’d expect this to see play especially to get off spells like silence or veil of autumn.

Would combo really well with Feather, the Redeemed, and Sunforger. Sadly Arcades himself won’t get you there, but there are cards that cause your creatures to deal damage equal to their toughness, such as Assault Formation and High Alert. The interactive archetype of rogues is definitely worth exploring, and this deck probably serves as an okay entry point, but it’s a slow mostly non-interactive deck. Maurauding Blight-Priest This is a creature version of Sanguine Bond, and is half of a game-winning combo. Maddening Cacophony Combos with Syr Konrad guy to potentially end the game, Valakut Awakening Strong card combined with a land when needed, lets you select cards in hand and create draws, which sometimes you want arbitrarily for triggers, Thieving Skydiver Virtually guaranteed to let you steal a sol ring or mana crypt or mox given their prevalence in EDH.
[[Peregrine Drake]] untaps 10 lands when it comes into play when Yarok is out. It looks solid overall but could use some light tuning. Lacking the obvious partner ability that should be there, I simply think Verazol won’t go the distance. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. You're missing some great passive draw/advantage/selection engines- [[Consecrated Sphinx]] [[Sire of Stagnation]] [[Tasigur, the Golden Fang]] [[Baleful Force]] [[Survival of the Fittest]] [[Vivien's Arkbow]] [[Yisan]] [[Birthing Pod]] [[Muldrotha]] [[Chainer, Dementia Master]] anything that lets you turn mana or spent ETB creatures into cards is fantastic, especially if you have stuff like Chainer and [[Gravewaker]] to get them back.

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